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You are a professional merchant and you are wondering if it is possible for you to sell your products on Vinted? And if so, how?

In this article, we will explain the conditions under which you can create a Vinted Professional account and become a Pro Seller and how to proceed.


Who can be a Pro Seller on Vinted?

For the moment, not all countries allow the sale by professionals on Vinted. But luckily, since recently, in the case of France, it is possible!

Only businesses, entrepreneurs or non-profit organizations can register as a Pro Seller on Vinted.

Moreover, to validate your registration, the SIRET number of your company will be asked to confirm its identity.

And, conversely, if you are a professional, you are not allowed to create an account as an individual. If you do, you will face serious penalties.

There are some cases where the creation of a Pro Seller account is not possible such as the following:

  • Sale of cosmetic products.
  • Sale of products purchased in bulk or for dropshipping.
  • Sale of products not immediately available (out of stock or other).
  • Sale of services or rental.
  • Selling too many new items with labels.
  • Sale of products to buyers located in countries where the sale of such products is prohibited.

Create a Pro Seller account on Vinted

The first step to start selling on Vinted as a professional is to create an account for your business.

Register by filling in all the information requested on the Vinted ProThe company's name, address, telephone number and email address, as well as the SIRET number, intra-community VAT number, and the contact details of the legal representative, must be provided.

You will then have to fill in the information concerning your Vinted public profile, such as your sales terms

It can take up to 14 days for Vinted's staff to validate a Pro Seller, so be patient.

If you already have a Vinted account as an individual, you can convert it to a Pro Seller account.

You will have to agree to withdraw all your receipts, as a new wallet will be created for your Pro account. Your receipts, once withdrawn, will be visible in your bank account within approximately 5 days.

All that's left to do is edit your profile bio to include the terms and conditions of your business on Vinted.

It is also possible to have two separate accounts, one as an Individual seller and one as a Pro seller. However, you need your secondary account with another email address or phone number.

How does Vinted work for a Pro Seller?

The use of Vinted for a Pro Seller is essentially the same as for a private seller.

Everything is free, the Pro Seller can publish as many ads as he wants without any cost. All he has to do is to add for each item, photos and a complete description, as a classic user would do.

But if the use of the Vinted website and application is the same for a Pro Seller, the sales methods are somewhat different for him.

Differences between Pro Seller and Private Seller

vinted pro

As soon as we talk about sales and orders, we will encounter differences between the Pro Seller and the standard seller.

Here we list the differences between these two types of accounts:

  • Orders cannot be cancelled. Unlike standard sellers, the Pro Seller cannot cancel an order. He is obliged to honor it no matter what.
  • The legal retraction period for buyers is 14 days. When it is a sale made by a private seller, the buyer has 48 hours after receiving the package to declare any problem or to decide not to keep the item. In the case of an order made with a Pro Seller, the buyer has 14 days thanks to the Pro Buyer Protection.
  • Returns are mandatory. If a buyer requests a return after a purchase from a Pro Seller, the Pro Seller cannot deny the request.
  • Your company information is visible on your profile and you are identified with a "Pro Badge".. Buyers see information on your profile such as your phone number, email address or store address, as well as the word "Pro".
  • The ability to add additional sales policies. The Pro Seller is subject to Vinted's policies (as are mandatory returns), but may add other terms of its own. For example, he can expressly request that returns be made with a specific carrier.
  • Shipments are made exclusively with shipping companies that offer prepaid labels. The Pro Sellers cannot therefore offer the shipment of their items with La Poste, in the case of France, nor with Paq24 or PostN, among others.
  • Deleting and republishing an ad to increase its visibility is prohibited. Some Vinted users use this method to boost the visibility of their ads, but this technique is strictly forbidden to Pro Sellers.

Good to know

If Vinted now allows professionals to sell their products on the platform using a Pro Seller account, it should also be noted that now, individuals who sell in large quantities may be given Pro Seller status, whether they want it or not.

Indeed, if until now some sellers could afford to use Vinted to do a little more than just clear out their bulky closets, today the platform may decide, based on certain criteria, to require you to use a Pro account.

If this seems like a drastic measure, you should not forget that until now, the users in question could be banned from Vinted. So it's not a bad thing that the terms have changed.

There is currently a debate about whether Pro Sellers could have a negative effect on private sales in the long run. Some people fear that private companies will take over the platform, even though for the moment their appearance on Vinted does not seem to be that problematic, on the contrary.


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