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You have just sold one of your articles and the buyer wishes that his parcel is sent to him with Mondial Relay? Nothing could be easier! We explain here the steps to follow.

Send a Vinted package with Mondial Relay

To send a parcel when the buyer has chosen Mondial Relay as the carrier, you must follow the following steps:

1- You must pack the item very carefully. Choose a suitable package and use the appropriate protections. We remind you that the parcel must correspond to the format chosen for the order (small, medium or large).

We recommend that you keep a photo of the item in its packaging. In case of a problem during transport, if the item is damaged you will be able to prove that the packaging is not at fault.

2- Print the shipping note that you will find in Messages, in the conversation with the buyer and paste it on the package.

3- Within a maximum of 5 days after the sale, drop off the package in one of the Mondial Relay points of your choice. You can find the list of relay points on the Mondial Relay website.

4- Once the package is dropped off, on Vinted, in your conversation thread with the buyer, select "Item sent" to inform the person that you have sent the package.

You will be able to access, just like the buyer, the tracking of the package. Be careful though, it can take up to 48 hours to be updated from the moment you brought the parcel to the Mondial Relay point.

We recommend that you keep a proof of shipment (the shipping slip, an email confirmation or a receipt). In case of non-receipt by the buyer, this proof could be very useful.

Upon receipt and confirmation from the buyer, your wallet will be credited with the amount of the sale and the transaction will be officially completed.

Shipping conditions with Mondial Relay

The seller does not have to pay any shipping costs, these always go to the buyer.

The customer will be informed of the price of the shipping costs when validating his order. The price varies according to the size, weight or place of delivery of the package.


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