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Whether you are a buyer or a seller on Vinted, you may find yourself in a situation where your transaction has been suspended.

Here we explain why a transaction can be suspended on Vinted and what to do in these cases.

Transaction suspended on Vinted, why?

Vinted may decide to suspend a transaction when there is a problem with the delivery of an order or with a delivered item.

In the following cases, the transaction will be suspended until the dispute is resolved:

  • Package not delivered.
  • Item damaged in transit.
  • Item not as described.

If the dispute is resolved favorably and the order is maintained, the transaction will be released as well as the payment. In the event that the transaction is cancelled, depending on the context, a refund will be made to the buyer and the seller may also be entitled to compensation.

Transaction suspended on Vinted, what to do?

In the conversation with the buyer or seller, you can access all the information regarding the reasons for the suspension of the transaction. Click on "View Dispute Details", to find out what steps to take to resolve the situation.

It is recommended to contact the seller or the buyer, if a dispute is open, it will most likely be possible to solve the problem by talking to the person. In most cases, an agreement can be reached between the two parties, the transaction will then be released without the intervention of Vinted teams.

The buyer will have to conclude the transaction by closing the dispute in the conversation.

In case of return for refund, it is the seller who has to go to the conversation, then to "See the details of the dispute", then he has to choose "Accept and Refund".

You can also contact Vinted's customer service for more information and ask for their help in resolving the transaction. If a dispute has been opened, they will contact you within 48 hours with instructions on how to proceed.


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