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Vinted is that platform that everyone seems to be using lately, where you can buy or sell second-hand clothes and items.

Even though Vinted is indeed very useful to resell what is in our wardrobes and that we no longer use, it sometimes happens that our items remain on sale on the platform without ever finding a buyer.

You are a Vinted user, and you are looking for a way to delete an item that you have put on sale, but that you don't want to see anymore? Don't panic, in this article we'll explain what options are available to you if you want to delete one of your items on Vinted.

Hide or delete a Vinted item

If you want to remove any of your items from your Dressing Room, Vinted offers you several options.

You can permanently delete the ad, but if you're not completely sure, you also have the option to just hide it. That way, if you finally change your mind and want to put the item back up for sale, you won't have to bother with republishing everything.

To hide or delete an item from your Dressing Room, go to the Vinted platform, then to "My Items".

Click on the item you want to hide or delete, then click on "Hide" or "Delete". Click on "Confirm" to validate.

To unmask an item, simply go to your "Settings" on Vinted.

Hide all your Vinted items

Vinted also offers the option to hide all your items at once, for the period of your choice. This is the "Holiday Mode".

To enable or disable the option, go to Vinted, then to "My Settings". Activate the "Vacation Mode" button and don't forget to select "Save" at the bottom of the page.

Good to know

If you leave an item "Hidden" for more than 90 days, the ad will be automatically deleted by Vinted.

The "Vacation Mode" does not extend the duration of your boosts.


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