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Vinted has become almost unavoidable in recent times. Whether you're one of the many users of the used goods selling platform or not, you've probably wondered what the meaning of the word "Vinted" is.

With its great and recent popularity, Vinted is on everyone's lips right now. But what does it actually mean? Now is the right time to find out with us in this article what is behind the meaning of the term Vinted.

The origins of Vinted

Created in 2008 in Lithuania by Justas Janauskas and Milda Mitkute, Vinted was basically a small project conceived and launched by two young friends with the aim of providing Lithuanian women with a tool to sell or buy second-hand clothes. If their first objective was to give a second life to all that cluttered their wardrobes, they certainly did not imagine the success that their idea would have and that word-of-mouth would allow them to expand worldwide.

As the phenomenon grows, even in foreign countries, Vinted's popularity increases, especially with the launch of its application in 2012.

Its community now has more than 14 million users around the world, particularly in France, but also in Spain, Italy, the United States, Portugal and Germany.

Vinted : its meaning

Even though the founders of the platform never officially answered the question "What does Vinted stand for?", we conducted our little investigation and tried to unravel the mystery.

First of all, it is important to specify that it is not a Lithuanian word. The term Vinted would simply come from the word "Vintage", referring to old items, second hand clothes.

Vinted could also be derived from the English word "Vint" which means "to sell".

By combining the two words together, "Sell" and "Vintage", we find the very definition of the platform which proposes to put on sale second-hand items, thus vintage.

In our opinion, Vinted is the definition of a more minimalist lifestyle, a different way of consumption. The platform's users represent a new generation that wants and needs to consume differently and for whom buying second-hand items rather than new ones makes sense.

Vinted on the international scene

Thanks to its success, as mentioned above, Vinted has established itself in different countries. As a result, the company has had to make some small changes such as adapting to local languages to be better understood by its users. For example, in Germany, its name is "Kleiderkreisel" which literally means "clothing gyroscope" but could be translated as "clothing catalog".

Now that you know the meaning of Vinted, you can take the opportunity to learn how to pronounce the word correctly, which is clearly not obvious to everyone.

If many people tend to say "Vinnetèd", it should actually be pronounced "Vinnet(i)d".


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