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You have just received an article ordered on Vinted, but unfortunately it does not correspond to its description, the size is not the right one, the article is damaged or broken? You can be reimbursed under certain conditions, if you return the item in the same condition as you received it.

In this article, we explain what Vinted's return and refund policy is.

First of all, don't delay, because you only have 48 hours from the receipt of the item to make a claim.

The package is damaged, the article was damaged during the routing

If the item is damaged in transit, please contact Vinted's customer service department, who will take steps to resolve the problem.

The item you received does not fit or please you

In the event that the item does not suit you for a question of taste or size, its return is possible, but only if the seller accepts it, or if your order was made with a Pro seller. You will not be able to benefit from the Buyer Protection, but you can contact the seller to negotiate a return of the item for a refund.

The item you received does not correspond to its description, is damaged or broken

However, if the item you received does not correspond at all to its description or is damaged, you can benefit from the Buyer Protection.
Inform the seller by selecting the "I have a problem" button in your conversation with them.

Send him any useful proof of the problem encountered (photos). Try to discuss with him/her about the return of the item and its refund

The payment of the transaction will be blocked until you reach an agreement.

Please note that you are responsible for the return shipping costs unless the seller suggests otherwise.

If you do not find an agreement or the seller does not answer your messages within 48 hours, Vinted's customer service will find a solution for you.

If you do not respond within this time, the payment will be released.

To return an item, you must send the package back with everything that was in it at the beginning (bubbles, papers...). Pack the item properly so that it can be returned to the seller safely.

Use a tracked shipment and provide the seller with the following:

  • Photo of the item in the packaging.
  • Tracking number of the package.
  • Photo of the slip with all information visible.

When the seller has obtained confirmation of the return of the item with all the necessary information, he can proceed to the cancellation of the order and its refund by pressing "Close Dispute" and "Refund the buyer" in Messages.

If no agreement can be reached with the seller, contact Vinted and provide them with the necessary information to request a return and refund.

To do this, you need to choose the "View dispute details" option in the conversation with the seller, then select "Contact support".

In this case, the return of the article must be done within 3 days.

The item you received is a counterfeit

If you suspect that the item you received is counterfeit, contact Vinted's customer service department to inform them. It is very likely that in this case you will be entitled to a refund without return of the item required. Vinted's teams will propose a solution to this problem.


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