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It is true that in the age of the internet, we all tend to appreciate the fact that we can order items without having to worry about having to leave our homes. But we have to admit that this approach is not very ecological and can be quite expensive in terms of shipping costs.

On the Vinted platform, very well known in the market of the sale of clothing and second-hand articles, if the users often opt for the delivery, it happens that some of them prefer to buy their articles by going to recover them themselves and that they thus take advantage of the option "Hand delivery" proposed by Vinted.

In this article we explain how to hand deliver and purchase an item on Vinted.

What does hand delivery on Vinted mean?

Vinted's hand delivery service simply allows buyers to pick up their order directly from the seller, or at an address they have agreed upon, without having to pay any shipping costs.

Hand delivery is very practical for very bulky items, for example, which are not easy to ship and cost a lot of money in shipping.

The option is only available if the seller is located within a radius of less than 10 km from the buyer, and only if the seller has also activated the hand delivery.

If you are looking for items available near you on Vinted, we recommend that you add the name of your city to your search on the platform. For example, you can indicate for your search: "Pyjamas Nantes".

How do I activate hand delivery on Vinted?

If you want your potential buyers to know that you offer your items for sale with the possibility of hand delivery, you need to activate the option on your Vinted profile.

To do so, log in to your Vinted account, either on the website or on the mobile app, then go to your Vinted profile and the "Settings" menu.

Under "Shipping Methods" you will find the option "Hand Delivery" which you can activate or deactivate.

You will then need to indicate your reference address for hand delivery of your items. This can be your home address, your work address, whatever you prefer! Once informed, you just have to validate.

This address can be changed at any time by deactivating and reactivating the "hand delivery" option on Vinted.

How do I pay for a hand delivered item on Vinted?

If you are buying or selling an item with the hand delivery option on Vinted, then payment will be made in cash. Other payment methods can also be arranged between the seller and the buyer.

Once the item has been handed over and the transaction completed, the seller will have to indicate on Vinted that the item has been sold and thus leave an evaluation for the buyer who can do the same.


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