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The Vinted platform has become a must for bargains on second-hand items. Considered as an online thrift store, more and more luxury products are available. But buying luxury goods on Vinted can be risky, which is why it's important that you get informed before placing an order. Here we give you 5 tips to buy luxury products on Vinted and avoid scams.


Defining your research

Before you make an impulse purchase of a luxury item on Vinted, it is best that you are sure of what you are looking for and want to buy. Ask yourself the right questions about the type of item you want, the price you're willing to pay and what condition you want your item to be in.

If you are looking for a particular piece, you can do a targeted keyword search on Vinted and save it to see new articles posted each day that may be of interest to you.

How to choose your vendor

This advice applies to all your purchases on Vinted but especially if you are thinking of buying a luxury product on the platform: pay attention to the seller's profile.

It is essential to check that he or she has a good number of positive reviews and that he or she has filled out all the information on their profile. Someone who has not filled out their information is not necessarily going to scam you, but the person will inspire less trust.

Send a message to talk to the salesperson and ask any relevant questions to get a better idea. Someone who is rude, unsympathetic or who pressures you to buy is clearly not a good sign.

If the profile does not inspire confidence or if the seller has received negative reviews, we recommend that you avoid any transaction with this person to avoid any risk.

Ask the seller for proof

Before purchasing any luxury product on Vinted, ask the seller to provide you with as much proof as possible of the product's authenticity. Photos are essential, but depending on the type of item you wish to purchase, the seller should also be able to provide you with the following information:

  • A purchase invoice. Check that the invoice looks real, that there are no inconsistencies or spelling mistakes.
  • A serial number. You can contact the brand's service department to check the serial number.
  • A certificate of authenticity. As for the previous information, check with the brand's after-sales service that the document is official and not a fake.

If the seller cannot provide you with any of this information or if the pictures are not clear, come from a website or are not sufficient for you to verify the authenticity of the item, we simply recommend that you do not buy it.

Beware of counterfeits

Unfortunately, even though the Vinted team does its best to avoid it, there are many counterfeit items on the platform. This is why we invite you to be very vigilant.

It has been noticed by Vinted users that some brands are more affected than others. Louis Vuitton, Dior or Chanel items for example, can be copied quite easily and some people have even reported that fake certificates of authenticity have been circulating on the platform. So you'd better avoid these brands if you're not sure at 100%.

The high prices of the items do not guarantee that they are genuine, on the contrary. Beware of luxury items sold at a high price, they may be counterfeit.

If the seller offers you a transaction outside the platform, it is clearly a counterfeit and the person is breaking several Vinted rules. You can report the seller to the Vinted team.

Choose the carrier that offers the best insurance

Depending on the shipping company you choose to receive your Vinted order, the items in the package are not insured to the same extent. We therefore advise you to choose the carrier that will offer you the best insurance for your item.

Secure shipping with La Poste, if you buy a luxury product on Vinted, is in our opinion the best option that can be offered on the platform, in case of loss or damage of the package. The item can be insured for its full value and this fully protects you and the seller if there is a problem during transport. You will both be entitled to a refund.

With Mondial Relay, the insurance will only reimburse a maximum of 25 € and with Chronopost, the reimbursement is a maximum of 33 €.


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