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A bundle on Vinted is simply an order or listing that includes multiple items at a single price. A bundle is sent in a single package, allowing buyers to save on shipping costs and sellers to sell multiple items at once.

At first glance, making a batch on Vinted may seem a bit complex. Especially since Vinted's help service does not provide much information on the subject. But don't worry, it's much simpler than it looks and we'll explain it all in this article.

Create a lot as a seller

For sellers, lots can also be created in two different ways.

First, it is possible to publish an ad that contains several items. For example, a set of baby pajamas.
In this case, the seller must respect the following rules:

  • The lot must not include more than 5 items. If you do not respect this rule, your ad may be deleted.
  • All items in the lot must be visible in the first photo of the ad (without editing). You can then add photos of the items separately.
  • Duplicates are not allowed. The items offered in the lot cannot be present in another ad in your dressing room.
  • One price for the lot. The price you indicate on your ad is for the whole lot only.
  • Be sure to specify in the title and description of the ad that it is a lot. Also choose the category that corresponds to your items or, if applicable, the category that seems most appropriate.
  • Weigh all your items in the lot together to indicate the package size on your ad.

The second way for a seller to offer a lot is by letting the buyer create his lot on his own.

How to make an offer to buy a lot

As a buyer, if you want to create a batch of several items from the same seller's dressing room, you have two options.

The first is to contact the seller and ask them to do the lot themselves. Even if this option seems to be the easiest, it is not necessarily so. First, because the seller may take some time to respond, but also because he must agree to do it. It is quite possible that they will tell you that you have to do it yourself. In that case, you are left with option two to create your lot.

The second option is to create the batch yourself. Don't worry, it's really very simple and will only take you a short time.
Go to the seller's profile and on the "Buy in lots" banner, click on the "Buy" button.

buy in lots on vinted

A new page will open, where you can select all the items you want to add to your batch.

If you have saved items from this dressing room as favorites, they will appear first among the seller's items. 

And if the seller offers a discount from the second item purchased, you will see the promotion applied when you make up the batch.

Once you have added all the items, you must confirm your lot and wait for the seller to confirm your order and indicate the package size for shipping.

As soon as the seller has confirmed your lot, you can validate your order by proceeding to the payment.

Good to know

It is possible to make returns in case of a batch purchase, but be aware that you will have to return all the items that made it up. You will not be able to keep any item and you will be refunded for the entire order.

Pro Sellers are not yet able to offer lots. However, some of them indicate on their profile that you can contact them directly if you are interested in several of their items.

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