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Even as the most vigilant and forward-thinking Vinted user, you may unfortunately find yourself in a dispute situation on the much-heralded platform in recent times. Whether you are a seller or a buyer, this kind of situation is never pleasant and the best thing is to get out of it as quickly and efficiently as possible.

We know that it is not easy to know how to settle a dispute on Vinted, nor is it very clear in which cases you can claim a refund. In this article we have gathered for you all the information you need to answer your doubts and questions regarding disputes on Vinted.

The different disputes on Vinted

It can happen that, during a transaction on Vinted, the buyer and the seller find themselves in disagreement. This is called a "dispute" on the platform.

Disputes can happen to both buyers and sellers on Vinted. The transaction will then be suspended until the dispute between the two parties is resolved, either by themselves or by the Vinted Customer Service.

There are various reasons why a dispute may be initiated by a buyer, including the following:

  • The article is a forgery.
  • The item is not at all as described
  • The item has not been received by the buyer.
  • The quality of the item is not at all as described.
  • The item was damaged during shipping or delivery.

How to proceed in case of a dispute on Vinted

If you are faced with a dispute regarding a transaction in progress, the first thing to do is to inform the Vinted teams. And you must be reactive, because you only have 48 hours after receiving the package to report a problem with an order to Vinted Customer Service.

In the conversation window with the seller, choose the "I have a problem" option to contact the Vinted team and report your problem. Payment to the seller will then be suspended and you should receive a response from Vinted within 2 days.

You should also contact the seller to inform them of the problem and to see if they can come to an amicable agreement. In most cases, you will have to return the item, at your own expense, for a refund.

If no agreement is reached within 5 days, the Vinted team will decide whether or not to grant you a refund.

In case you have not received your package, first contact the shipping company that picked it up to find out if the package was lost or not. Then contact Vinted's customer service from the seller's chat window to give them the information you have. If the package was lost, the buyer will receive a full refund. Unfortunately, even if the seller can prove that they sent the package in the correct manner, a full refund is not guaranteed. The amount of refund varies, depending on the carrier used, from 25 € to 33 € maximum.

Even if the 48-hour time limit for reporting a problem has passed, you can still contact Vinted's customer service department in case of a dispute to find a solution.

Conditions for obtaining a refund

While it is true that Vinted offers its users the possibility of obtaining a refund in the event of a dispute, the circumstances must meet certain criteria imposed by the platform.

You will be able to claim a refund in the event of a dispute thanks to the Buyer Protection in the event that :

  • The item was damaged in transit.
  • The item is not at all as described on Vinted.
  • The article has not been received.
  • The article is a forgery.

For most of these examples, you will need to return the item for a refund and you will be responsible for the shipping costs unless the seller suggests otherwise. You can choose any shipping company as long as the package is sent with tracking.

The refund will be made to the same bank account or Vinted wallet used for the purchase.


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