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Do you follow an influencer or fashion star whose outfits you admire on Instagram? It's entirely possible that this person has an account on Vinted! More and more influencers have launched on this platform, to offer their followers the possibility to buy back items that belonged to them, instead of leaving them lying around in closets.

If you recently fell in love with a dress worn by a social media celebrity, check out our list of the best dresses of influencers and stars to follow on Vinted, you might be lucky enough to find that item you liked so much and get it!


Diane Perreau

vinted diane perreau

Diane is a fashion Instagrammer who created Jaspe, her own clothing brand. On Vinted she offers for sale clothes and accessories of different brands that she no longer wears and at various prices.

Her Dressing Room

Lison Seb

vinted lison seb

You probably know Lison, this Instagrammer from Nice who is known on the networks for her oversized looks. You can also find her on Vinted, where she sells clothes from her wardrobe from time to time.
Her Dressing Room

Cindy Gredziak

vinted cindy gredziak

You have certainly seen Cindy on television in "Les reines du shopping" or in "Les Ch'tis". This shopping addict, also an influencer on the networks, regularly renews her wardrobe with her own clothes and those of her son. Her husband also has his own account on Vinted.
Her Dressing Room

Elodie Romy

vinted elodie romy

The famous youtuber Elodie empties her closets on Vinted, to the delight of her subscribers! In her dressing room, you'll be able to find a whole bunch of items like dresses, shoes, pants. Go snoop!
Her Dressing Room

Emilie Daudin - The Brunette

vinted emilie brunette

If you're looking for working mom style, check out Emilie's dressing room on Vinted. This mommy influencer, adored on the web for her stylish, simple yet bold looks, has clothing and accessories from a variety of brands for sale on Vinted, including her favorites: La Redoute and Sézane.
Her Dressing Room


vinted romy

The YouTube artist who has over 1.5 million subscribers on her channel is also popular on Vinted since she created her dressing room on the site. Unfortunately, right now all her items are already sold out. We recommend checking her profile regularly, so you don't miss out on any of her restocks.

Her Dressing Room

Cécile Shannon

vinted cecile shannon

Known for being the queen of the big splits on the networks and a sporty and sexy influencer, Cecile also loves shopping. Her dressing room will delight sports and fashion lovers. You will find bodysuits, accessories, lingerie and much more.
Her Dressing Room


vinted mimiarr

The young Youtuber Mimiarr who is very followed on the networks also has many subscribers on Vinted. In her dressing room, you will find clothes, shoes or accessories. Beware, the items go very quickly.

Her Dressing Room


vinted tycia

This quirky YouTube artist updates her account on Vinted often. You can find clothes and accessories, but be responsive, because all the items she posts go away very quickly.

Her Dressing Room

Maie Lopez - EnjoyPhoenix

vinted enjoyphoenix

Marie Lopez is a public figure on the web. A very famous blogger, she has more than 5 million followers on her Instagram and she is inevitably also very followed on Vinted. In her dressing room, she puts on sale a lot of little things, accessories, clothes, beauty products. Here too you will have to come and check her account regularly not to miss any good deals, her items sell out very quickly.

Her Dressing Room


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