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Shipping costs, which are paid by the buyers on Vinted, are not always the same, their price varies. But what does it depend on? How are the shipping costs calculated and on what basis? And finally, the question we all ask ourselves before placing an order on Vinted: how much are the shipping costs?

How are shipping costs calculated on Vinted?

The shipping costs for a Vinted order are primarily calculated based on the size and contents of the package to be sent. The heavier and larger the package and the more items it contains, the higher the shipping cost will be.

To calculate the shipping costs, Vinted also takes into account your geolocation and the delivery address of the package. If the buyer and seller are not in the same country, the rate will be more expensive.

The last criterion taken into account to calculate the shipping costs is the chosen carrier. Not all transport companies offer the same rate.

What are the rates?

The average price of a shipment on Vinted is 2,88 €. However, the platform works in partnership with several carriers and we cannot give you all the rates offered by each of them. However, Mondial Relay and Chronopost being the two most used options, the following information should be very useful:

Mondial Relay rates:

  • Package of less than 500 g - 2,88 €.
  • Package of less than 1 kg - 3,28 €.
  • Package of less than 2 kg - 3,78 €.
  • Package of less than 5 kg - 5,19 €.
  • Package of less than 10 kg - 8,19 €.
  • Package of less than 20 kg - 12,11 €.

A clause between Mondial Relay and Vinted has been negotiated and does not allow you to send more than 2 kg of clothing in one package. Instead, you have to send several small packages of less than 2 kg each.

Chronopost's Shop2Shop rates:

  • Package of less than 500 g - 2,98 €.
  • Package of less than 1 kg - 3,86 €.
  • Package of less than 2 kg - 4,38 €.

If you choose a home delivery, the price will be higher than if you choose to be delivered in a Relais, whatever the carrier. In France, this is usually done by La Poste.

Save on shipping costs, yes, but how?

You can save on shipping costs by simply choosing the hand delivery option! Sure, Vinted has removed its geolocation button that allows you to locate items right next to you, but all is not lost!

You can search on Vinted by indicating the item you are looking for and writing the name of your city or a city near you next to it. The seller will most likely be happy not to have to deal with the shipping of a package if you offer hand delivery.


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