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You have just made your first sale on Vinted and you need to pack the item and prepare your package, but you don't know how to do it? Don't worry, in this article we will give you tips on how to choose the right packaging and how to send your Vinted package safely.

Used items = Used packaging ?

If this is your first time shipping an order, you are probably wondering what type of packaging to choose when sending your items. It's only natural!
Since Vinted is based on the sale of second-hand items, it would make sense to continue in this spirit by choosing recycled packaging for your shipments. There is nothing to stop you from doing so, quite the contrary!

There is no doubt that you will be able to find containers to reuse in your home among the following examples:

  • Shoe boxes.
  • Boxes that you have kept from your past orders.
  • Cereal boxes, cake boxes.
  • Baby diaper boxes.
  • Plastic bags (please make sure that they are suitable for transportation).

Don't forget to follow the safety rules below, no matter which packaging you choose.

Easy and practical: buy your packaging

If you'd rather not have to search desperately at home for containers to recycle and use as packaging for your package every time you need to send an order, the solution is simple: buy them!

Even with a very small budget, you can find in local shops or on the internet, different types of packaging that will allow you to have a small stock at home and prepare your orders easily.

Sure, most of them are not very environmentally friendly, but they will save you a lot of time and make your job much easier if you don't feel very motivated to do the packing yourself.

In addition, it is not uncommon for buyers to complain about a package prepared from recycled packaging, preferring a more "professional" shipment. At the same time, it's hard to blame them. Who would rather receive their item in a garbage bag than in a pretty, patterned pouch?

To avoid this kind of problem and in order to be equipped for any type of parcel to be sent, we advise you to opt for different containers and different formats. Here are some examples:

  • The bubble envelopes. They are a great option for small, lightweight items like clothing.
    We suggest the following, sold on Amazon's website in different formats:

These are the "basic" envelopes that can be found everywhere. But you can also find bubble envelopes with much more original and really nice designs, for example, these on the theme of Christmas which can be very practical for mailings at the time of the end of the year:

Christmas envelope

  • The shipping bags or pouches are also widely used and sold with very nice designs that should please your buyers. An example of various choices with the proposed pouches here

As with envelopes, shipping pouches or bags are available for sale in a variety of sizes, allowing you to adapt to the size of the items in your dressing room. You can choose a timeless theme or go for a winter or spring theme.

From cartons. They come in many different sizes and are also available on Amazon, such as thosefor example, which can be assembled by yourself in a few seconds

vinted cardboard

It is a much more sober packaging, but the advantage of the cardboard is that you can pack larger items and even batches with several items.

All these types of packaging can be found on e-commerce sites such as Amazon, but also on Wish, AliExpress or Cdiscount. They are usually sold in batches of 10, 20, 50 or 100, but the advantage is that you will have peace of mind for a long time to send your orders.

Your buyers will certainly be delighted to receive their items wrapped in a pretty padded envelope or in a pouch covered with flowers.

Safety first

When packing the item you have sold, remember to protect it from all possible shocks during transport, especially if it is a fragile object.

Whether it is new or recycled, choose a rigid and solid packaging for the outside and with a suitable size. The package must be completely airtight and your item must not be able to move inside. It should not be in contact with the edges of the package, so we recommend that you protect the corners and also place it in an airtight plastic bag to protect it from humidity during transport.

A little advice: don't skimp on the heavy tape! If the item is damaged in transit due to inadequate packaging, you will be held responsible. So don't hesitate to use it if you find that the packaging is not strong enough.

We recommend that you always have the following items at home to facilitate your shipments safely:

  • From large scotch. Preferably transparent, for a question of taste, but also to allow you to tape the slip to the package without hiding any of the apparent information.

If you don't have any at home, you can buy different rolls, like those :

scotch vinted
  • From bubble wrap. If you don't already have a small stock of these at home, you'd better get them if you plan to sell anything other than clothes on Vinted.

You can buy rolls of bubble wrap as this one and keep it handy at home:

vinted bubble wrap

  • Newspaper. Easy to recycle, especially if you're one of those people who likes to read the newspaper every day, newsprint is a great way to lock your item in its packaging so it doesn't move during shipping. You can also use it to wrap your item if it is fragile.

A little attention is always nice

The packaging of your item is essential, but the inside of the package is also important. Even if it is not mandatory, your buyers will certainly appreciate if you slip a small handwritten note, a candy or a small extra gift in the package for their attention.

You don't have to break the bank or give a gift worth more than the item you sold, of course. But a little bonus included in the package can help you get a better review, or even keep buyers coming back.

So don't hesitate and make a habit of slipping a little chocolate or anything else inside, which could turn out to be your signature.

The outside of the package is also important

It is now time to close the package and stick the slip on. We advise you to center it well and put it flat. It is recommended not to stick tape on the important information such as the delivery address, the bar code, etc.

The barcode must also be clearly visible to avoid any problems during transport.

Taking pictures: a guarantee for you

Don't forget to take pictures of your item once it is packed and also once it is placed in its package.

This will allow you to protect yourself in the event of worries or damage to the item during transport. You will be able to prove that your packaging was adequate and in no way responsible.

You can also send these photos to the buyer once the package is sent, to reassure him and to show him your professionalism.

Send your package

Now all you have to do is send your package to the buyer, respecting the mode of transport that was chosen for the order.

Drop off the package at the carrier's Point Relais (Mondial Relay, Chronopost, Relais Colis) or at the Post Office if the buyer has selected a Colissimo delivery. In this case (and it is the only one), you have to advance the shipping costs that Vinted will then reimburse you. You must therefore drop off the package at the post office on a working day.

Once the package has been dropped off and sent, keep the shipping information with you and notify the buyer that the item has been sent. He will then be able to consult the tracking of his package on Vinted or directly on the carrier's website.


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