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Vinted, this online platform that allows its users to sell or buy second-hand items and clothing has gained a lot of popularity in recent years. Its community has grown so much that it now has over 16 million users worldwide.

You may have heard the word Vintie in a conversation with friends about Vinted, on social networks or you may have discovered the term in an article on the internet. But you have no idea what it means or what it refers to.

Don't worry, we'll explain what a Vintie is in this article.

What is a Vintie?

Vinted community members have become very numerous, but they are also very active. And they don't lack originality! The proof is that the term Vintie originated in the Vinted community.

Indeed, a Vintie is simply a Vinted user! This word was invented by Vinted members, mostly women, to refer to each other, especially on the forums and in the evaluations left after a sale.

So if you have just registered on the platform for your first purchase or sale, you are now a Vintie!

Vintie, a male equivalent?

It is true that the word Vintie was created to refer to a female user, as the Vinted community was, at the beginning, mostly composed of women

But today many men are registered on Vinted and are very active users of the platform.

Although there is currently no official equivalent of the word Vintie in the masculine form, we have seen the following suggestions appear on Vinted and on the forums:

  • A Vintie
  • A Vinti
  • A Vinto

And you, do you have a little preference?


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