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If you are a Vinted user, it is possible that at some point you will find yourself in a situation where you have no choice but to contact Vinted Customer Service. And we have seen that this is not always easy!
That's why we've decided to explain here the best ways to contact Vinted Customer Service and how to do it.

The Vinted Help Center

On the Vinted website or from the application, you have at your disposal the Help Center, which is like a big FAQ.

The information provided is very detailed and complete, arranged by category, so we recommend that you first take a look at the Help Center, where you may find the answer to your problem.

Contact Vinted customer service by email

This method, although used by many web companies, does not seem to be the one favored by Vinted customer service.

There is an email address where you can contact a Vinted customer advisor who will answer you, but it is not easy to find.

If you wish to send an email to the Vinted team, you can do so at the following address: legal@vinted.fr

Contact Vinted customer service by contact form

The contact method that Vinted seems to emphasize the most is the contact form. Vinted's teams respond fairly quickly to messages received via this channel.

On the website or from the application, a  contact form is available to users. To find it, on the Vinted homepage, click on the "Our Platform" tab.
Scroll down to the section "DISPUTES BETWEEN USERS OR PROFESSIONAL USERS AND VINTED" where you will see the link to the form.

Contact Vinted on social networks

Sending a message on social networks has become a fairly common method of contact. Vinted is no exception to the rule.

For example, you can contact Vinted Customer Service by sending them a message on Facebook via Facebook Messenger. On their page, you will find a specific "Send a message" button.

Similarly, on Twitter or Instagram, you can contact them via private message to ask your question or explain your problem.

Contacting Vinted Customer Service via an order

Have you placed an order or made a sale and have a problem with it that you want to report to Vinted customer service for help?

Follow these steps to achieve this.

Open your conversation with the seller or buyer and click on the "I have a problem" option if it is still available.

Otherwise, click on the "i" button at the top right of the screen, then select "Help".

A new window will open with several help options. Follow the steps according to the situation you are in.

Vinted's forum, a gold mine in case of problems

Vinted community members are very active and do not hesitate to help each other. If you have a question, don't hesitate to consult the Vinted forum at the following address, where you will certainly find an answer:


Even if you are facing a problem, you can explain your situation by posting on the forum, another member of the community will be happy to answer and advise you.

Good to know

You cannot contact Vinted by phone. This may seem surprising, but Vinted does not have a telephone number for contacting its Customer Service.

Despite its great popularity, Vinted does not have a very good reputation at the moment when it comes to the quality of its customer service. Many users complain on forums or networks about their lack of efficiency in solving problems.


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