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If you've recently decided to sell the clothes in your closet that you no longer wear on Vinted, you've probably asked yourself this question: is it really worth boosting your items or dressing room on Vinted? Will I have a better chance of selling my items with a Boost?

Some users will tell you to avoid the Boost at all costs, while others will tell you they can't live without it. We'll help you understand the benefits of Boost on Vinted by answering all your questions in this article.


What is the Boost on Vinted

Vinted offers its sellers the possibility to increase the visibility of their items or their dressing room with a paying option: the Boost.

There are two types of Boost:

  • Item Boost.
  • The Dressing Room on Display.

Your items or dressing room, depending on the terms you choose, will be featured in the news feed and related search results of Vinted users for 3 or 7 consecutive days.

Prices vary depending on the type of Boost and the duration of its action, from 1.15€ for a 3-day boosted item (the shortest and cheapest option) to 6.95€ for the Dressing Room in the Window.

Cases where the Boost Vinted is useless

If you have decided to put your own items on sale on Vinted, it is obviously because you are looking to make some money. The Boost has a significant cost to consider, so before you decide to use it, whether for an item or to showcase your dressing room, ask yourself the right questions.

There are cases where we consider that buying a Boost is not useful and will not allow you to make a sale.

Low cost items

It is not advantageous nor very logical to pay 1,15€ to put forward an article that you will then resell 2€. Because, if you do the math, you will earn 0.85€ on your sale, knowing that you will also have to take the time to properly pack the product, prepare the package and travel to make the shipment. Is it really worth it to do all this for 0,85€? Ask yourself that question.

For items with very low prices, we think it is useless to use a Boost, as it will only make you a very small profit. Instead, we recommend that you only boost items with a price above 8-10€.

Items that are too expensive

It is understandable that you want to make as much profit as possible by reselling your items on Vinted. But an item that is priced too high, even if it is boosted, has very little chance of finding a buyer. If your items are not priced appropriately for the market, the boosts will not be of any use to you. Remember that you are competing with a very large number of other sellers, so you need to keep your prices attractive.

Sloppy ads

Also, what is the point of paying for an advertisement for an item that does not give any desire to be bought anyway? If your item is not in good condition or if, for example, you have only published one photo on your ad, which is blurry, don't waste your time with a Boost, you won't gain any more chances to sell your item.

Unwashed, unironed clothes or clothes that are not fully visible in the ad will not appeal to potential buyers.

If your ads are not flawless, with several clear and representative photos of your items, paying for them to have a better visibility is a nonsense.

Low demand items

You may have noticed that on Vinted, you can find all kinds of items. Some are of course more sought after than others. In our opinion, there are some items that are in such low demand or are found in such high quantities on the platform that boosting them would be of no use to you, frankly. When the supply is saturated, paying a Boost will not increase your chances of making a sale.

This is the same fate that is reserved for items that are not in very good condition (stained clothes, damaged clothes, holes...) or old items that are lying around in the bottom of your drawers. They really don't deserve to be promoted with a Boost. It would be like throwing your money away.

Dressing Room in Window without Item Boost

A fairly common mistake among Vinted users who are new to the platform is to think that Dressing Room on Display will earn them sales.

The Dressing Room on Display will certainly make you gain visibility, since 5 of your items will be effectively put forward for 7 days, but few Vinties have admitted to having had success in their sales thanks to this Boost.

On the other hand, it can be used as a marketing strategy, to gain subscribers on the platform or combined with an article boost.

Where the Boost Vinted can help you

There are of course situations where the Boost can be really useful and allow you to sell one or even several of your items faster on Vinted, in case you choose to combine a Boost with the Dressing Room option, or simply if you choose to Boost several items at the same time.

The Boost and the Dressing Room on Display are not magic tools that guarantee you an instant sale either, which is why we recommend that you use them strategically, so that the Boost is really effective.

An attractive profile and dressing room

If you have a profile with only positive reviews, with all the information filled in properly and you have a lot of quality items in your dressing room, then Boosts can give you a real boost to increase your visibility on the platform and thus increase your chances of making a sale.

Boosting one or more of your most popular items, for example, can help you attract potential buyers to other items in your dressing room for a group purchase.

A question of timing

Be logical! For example, don't try to boost a ski suit in the middle of summer. Choosing to boost items that are relevant to the time of year and season is a strategy that should pay off and allow you to make more sales.

Focus on party outfits for the Christmas and New Year period, on little light dresses and swimsuits just before summer, on your warm clothes or ski clothes for the beginning of winter, etc. Don't hesitate to play with the summer period!

Buying Boost is all about timing. If you implement the right strategy at the right time, the results will be positive.

The good deals

Do you have an item in your dressing room that is what we call a "bargain" but still seems to go unnoticed and does not sell? If you have, for example, a luxury item (authentic!) in very good condition and it is available for sale at a very interesting price, the Boost will be useful to you so that it gains visibility and is sold more quickly.

And the same goes for all the slightly "trendy" items you have on your profile. Advertise them at fair prices, take care of your ads and photos to make the product even more attractive and go ahead and buy an Item Boost. You shouldn't be disappointed!

Good to know

Choosing to boost an item that already has a good chance of selling, rather than paying for the Dressing Room Boost, can be more profitable for you. In fact, boosting this item can bring more visibility to your entire dressing room. Why? Because many users like to buy in sets to save on shipping costs. Few are those who buy an item without taking the time to look at what else the seller has in his dressing room.

Vinted users recommend on the forums to opt for the 3-day consecutive item Boost rather than the 7-day one and to renew it if necessary. This strategy would seem to be more profitable.

When you purchase a Boost, you have access to weekly statistics. This allows you to see your results and adjust your sales strategy based on them.


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