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Thanks to Vinted, its website and its application on which you can sell second-hand objects or clothes, it is a real opportunity for you to empty your closets of everything you no longer use and earn some money at the same time.

But how to facilitate your sales on Vinted ? Here we give you 12 foolproof tips to sell well on Vinted.

1- Quality photos, that's the number 1 rule!

There is no secret, if you want your items to be appealing, you have to highlight them. In your ads, you must select high quality photos to attract the attention of buyers.

For the clothes, we recommend that you take a picture of yourself wearing them so that it is easier for the buyers to project themselves in them.

Choose to take the photos with a quality camera, during the day, in a bright room and preferably choose a support in light tones (white, gray, beige), without frills around.

All blurred photos or those on which the article is not correctly visible are to be completely banned.

2- Set a fair price

Keep in mind that all items are pre-owned on Vinted, with or without the tag, so don't be too greedy about the price you ask. Offer potential buyers a fair price.

A large amount of items on Vinted are sold at an exorbitant price, which is not at all appropriate for the condition of the items. If you advertise prices that are too high, your items will simply not sell.

3- Biography and profile picture

It may not sound like it, but filling out a short description of yourself and adding a profile picture will help you boost your sales.

Why? First of all, because it allows potential buyers to get to know you, to reassure them and it allows them to get a small idea of the kind of person you are.

You don't have to reveal your face if you don't want to, but we recommend adding a photo. It can be a picture of something you like, for example an animal, a landscape or something else.

In the biography, you can introduce yourself personally, but also enter all the useful information about your dressing room and your items. For example, everything related to your discounts, your batches, the type of shipping, etc.

Potential buyers will really appreciate knowing a little more about you and having the answers to some of their questions.

4- Be honest

This may seem like overkill, but it shouldn't be: honesty is key. Don't cheat and be really honest when it comes to describing the items you sell. Be specific about the size, color, quality of the item. And if it has flaws, describe them accurately.

You will not gain anything by hiding flaws, on the contrary. On the other hand, your honesty will be rewarded. In the long run, evaluations are very important, do not take lightly the fact of receiving negative evaluations.

5- Offer discounts and prizes

vinted lots

You have the option to activate discounts on your profile and we recommend that you do so.

Indeed, some buyers prefer to buy in batches to save on shipping costs. If you also offer them a discount of 5%, 15% or 50% from the second item purchased, for example, you will have more chance to make sales.

You may receive notifications when buyers have bookmarked one of your items. You can send them a message to offer them a discount on other items or make them an offer on the item they have bookmarked to facilitate the sale.

You can also offer bundles by grouping several items together in one ad at a low price. Lots of children's clothes sell very well, but you can group together other types of items. In addition, you will save time since you will only have to publish one ad instead of several.

Another idea is the in-package discount. On a piece of paper that you slip into one of your buyers' order, write that they are the lucky winner of an "X" percentage discount on their next order from your dressing room. Don't forget to write down your Vinted name so they can easily find you at any time.

6- Choose the items you sell well

Selling anything and everything is not a good idea. We recommend that you only choose items that are in good condition overall.

You can sell items with defects, but not broken or too damaged. This would not be fair to the buyers and you will not gain anything since you will receive negative reviews, or you may even face disputes regarding the transactions.

If you are selling an item with a defect, of course you need to be completely transparent in the description.

7- Propose different ways of sending

Depending on the carrier chosen, the price of shipping is not the same for buyers. Beyond offering different rates to buyers, offering several shipping options also allows them to choose a delivery closer to home.

Mondial Relay is the most used option, we strongly recommend that you activate it, otherwise you may miss out on a number of sales.

8- Responsiveness and kindness

Be responsive to messages you receive from potential buyers. You don't have to be glued to Vinted 24 hours a day either, but don't let a sale go by because you didn't take the time to respond to a buyer.

Also, always be nice and respectful when someone contacts you or asks you a question. Feeling like you're interacting with someone nice can make you decide to buy.

9- Careful shipping and packaging

neatly packed vinted

If you are selling clothes, wash them, fold them carefully. It is very important to take the time to carefully pack the items and protect them for the duration of the transport. Follow Vinted's requirements for shipping items to avoid any problems during transport.

Packages made with love are especially well received by buyers and will give you a very good image (and good reviews!)

A personalized handwritten note is always appreciated and you can even add a small gift or any other generous little attention.

Pleasantly surprised buyers will leave you a very good evaluation and will be more likely to come back to your dressing room.

10- Social networks and Hashtags

Sharing your ads on social networks will give you greater visibility. Don't hesitate, when you publish an ad on Vinted, to share it on your networks.

Adding hashtags (for example #roberouge #vestecuir) in the description of your items will also allow you to appear in more search results. Of course, you must choose hashtags related to the item you are selling.

You can also put it in your biography.

11- Sales in France, but not only

It is not only to French buyers that you can sell your items. That's why we recommend that you take this information into account when writing your descriptions or biography.

You can write in different languages, such as Spanish or English, but you can also simply polish your French to make it easier for foreign buyers to translate your descriptions.

12- The right time to publish

As with social networks, there are times when your post will get the most visibility on Vinted.

We therefore advise you to try to publish your item ads between 10am and 1pm, which has been recognized as the ideal time slot. This way, your items should be much more visible to buyers.

Holiday periods such as Christmas, national promotions such as Sales or Black Friday are also perfect times to offer promotions or items in line with the theme of the moment. You can, for example, modify your existing ads to include a themed banner, modify your bio or activate new discounts.

With the 12 tips we've just given you, you have no more excuses, you can start selling on Vinted right now! Follow them all and you'll see that it will be much easier for you to sell your items on Vinted.


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