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The very popular platform Vinted, currently has over 16 million users. With so many members and even more ads published, it is unfortunately inevitable to be confronted, at one time or another, with a scam.

Follow the tips we give you in this article to avoid falling into the traps. If you learn to identify them, you can avoid the scams on Vinted.


What are the most common scams on Vinted?

It's important that you know what types of scams are most common on Vinted so you don't fall for them. Here is our list:

  • You are offered to buy or pay for the order outside of Vinted. A buyer or seller may offer you to complete a transaction without going through Vinted. Never accept this kind of proposal.
  • Receiving an empty package. It's really not pleasant to open a package and discover that there is nothing inside. Moreover, in this case, if you have no proof that the package contained nothing when you opened it, it will be very complicated to claim a refund. Sometimes it is better to film yourself opening your order, when in doubt.
  • Luxury products at very low prices. Always be wary of ads that offer products that are normally very expensive or luxury, at very low prices. Chances are that it is a scam and the items are counterfeit.
  • Stained or damaged items. On the pictures and in the description of the ad, the item was perfect, but, surprise, when you receive your order you discover that the item is in fact completely stained or in very bad condition? The seller has ripped you off. Fortunately, in this case, you can file a complaint with Vinted.

Our advice to avoid scams

Vigilance is required for all Vinted users and that is why we advise you to apply our few tips if you want to avoid scams on the platform.

Our advice to sellers:

  • Protect yourself with evidence. Take lots of pictures of your items, before and after the sale, in their packaging, in the package and even of the package itself once closed. You can also film yourself preparing the package, especially if the items are valuable. Also, keep all evidence of the shipment of the package.
  • Put as much information and detail as possible in your ads. Your descriptions should be as honest and transparent as possible. It is very important to indicate the size of a garment to avoid any problems with the buyer. If your item has any defects, tell the buyer again via message before closing the sale.
  • Check your buyers' profiles and reviews. A fraudulent buyer will most likely already have a number of negative reviews and will probably not have a profile picture.
  • Never accept any sale outside the platform, except in person with a payment via Vinted. It's a guaranteed scam if someone contacts you and offers to buy an item from you through a channel other than Vinted.

Our advice to buyers:

  • Check the seller's profile and reviews. A seller who has a lot of negative reviews or whose profile items appear to be fakes is obviously one to avoid.

  • Take the time to look at the pictures of the items. You can also ask the buyer for additional pictures. Pictures that come from the internet and show the item as new, are not a good sign for example.

  • When you receive your package, do not validate your order too quickly on Vinted. You have 48 hours to do so. Take advantage of this time to inspect all your items and make sure they are in good condition and conform to their description.
  • Never accept to buy an item outside the platform. Hand deliveries are possible of course, but the payment and validation of the order must be done on Vinted.

What to do if you are scammed on Vinted?

As a Vinted user, there are a few things you can do to combat the scams on the platform.

You can first report any user or any ad that you think is fraudulent. Vinted's teams will analyze your report and act accordingly.

But unfortunately, you may have been the victim of a Vinted scam yourself and are therefore asking how to proceed in a case like this. There are several things you can do:

  • Open a dispute or make a claim with Vinted. Even if, unfortunately, it will not always be possible to claim a refund under the circumstances and the customer service is not known to be very efficient in case of fraud, it is important that you report the problem to Vinted.
  • Do not hesitate to file a complaint at a police station. In the case, for example, where you have been sold a counterfeit, gather all the evidence of the sale and against the seller and file a complaint against X.

  • Stop payment at the bank or open a dispute on Paypal. If you paid for your order with a credit card, contact your bank to inform them of the problem and find out if it is possible to be reimbursed for the amount of the purchase by providing proof of the scam.
    If you paid with Paypal, log in to their site and open a dispute from your account. You will also be asked for proof of payment to obtain a refund.

Good to know

Vinted has set up a system to limit scams on the platform, which consists of automatically blocking accounts that appear fraudulent. This indeed helps to reduce scams, but unfortunately, there are also accounts that are blocked by mistake with this system.

In recent times, Vinted's customer service has lost its quality and many users have complained that they are not sufficiently supported or helped by the platform in case of scams.


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