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You have just placed an order on Vinted but have decided not to buy or sell the item? It could be that you made a mistake and regret your impulse purchase or that you no longer have the item in your closet.

It is possible to cancel a sale on Vinted, for both the buyer and the seller, and we explain in this article when and how to do so.

Cancel a sale on Vinted for a buyer

After having fallen in love with an article, you have just validated your order on Vinted, but finally, you suddenly change your mind and don't want it anymore? You made a mistake and it's not the right size for you? You can still go back and get your money back.

In the conversation with the seller, choose the option "Cancel transaction" by clicking on the "i" in the upper right corner of the window. Please note, however, that this option is only available if the package has not yet been shipped.

We also recommend that you notify the buyer before you cancel the sale by sending a message explaining the reasons for your withdrawal. This will prevent you from receiving a negative evaluation afterwards.

If the package has already been shipped by the seller, you cannot cancel the sale. However, there is another method to get a refund, if you chose to have the package delivered to a relay point. Once the 14 days deadline to withdraw the parcel has passed, it will be returned to the seller and the transaction will be cancelled, if you open a dispute for non-receipt. You will then receive a refund.

The refund period varies depending on the payment method you chose at the time of checkout.

Cancel a sale on Vinted for a particular seller

Sometimes you realize too late that you no longer have the item a buyer has just purchased, that the size of the garment is not what you had indicated or that it is in a much worse condition than what you had described. Don't panic, tell the person right away and cancel the sale.

To do so, choose the "Cancel Transaction" option, by clicking on the "i" in the upper right corner of the buyer conversation window.

You can only cancel a sale if you have not yet shipped the item.

Please note that if you have already downloaded the packing slip, you will need to confirm that the package has not been shipped.

It is better to warn the buyer before cancelling his order otherwise he may leave you a very negative evaluation.

If, as a seller, you do not send the item within 5 days, the sale will be cancelled, but you will receive an automatic negative evaluation.

Once the sale has been cancelled, you can select the "Republish" button to put the item back on sale.

Important things to know

Pro sellers cannot cancel a sale. They must, in any case, sell the item to the buyer and abide by Vinted's terms and conditions regarding the refunds and returnsIn case the person does not want to keep the item because it does not suit them.

If the buyer and seller do not come to a mutual agreement, a negative review is automatically published in the profile of the one who cancelled the order. So be sure to notify the seller or buyer before canceling a sale.

In addition, after a second cancellation of a sale on Vinted, whether you are a seller or a buyer, a negative evaluation will also be added to your profile automatically by Vinted.

In some cases, Vinted may proceed with the cancellation of a sale if deemed necessary.

Canceling a sale on Vinted doesn't always have only positive results, so it's best that you think twice before doing it. We hope that the information provided in this article has helped you see things more clearly.


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