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Buy and Sell or "Dropshipping" can be a good way to increase your income and earn money on the internet through Vinted.

Whether you buy and resell items from other Vinted sellers, or use outside suppliers, you can make a lot of money if you do it right.

If you don't know what it is or how Buy and Sell works on Vinted, rest assured that you will find all the answers to your questions here, in our complete guide.


What is buying and selling on Vinted?

The Buy and Sell, as its name indicates, consists in buying items on Vinted (or possibly elsewhere) to resell them on the platform, seeking of course to make a substantial margin, within the limits of the possible.

How does it work? You simply buy and accumulate used products at low cost and resell them at a much higher price on Vinted.

You should not hesitate to spend time there, negotiate prices, look for promotions, because in terms of Buy and Sell, every cent counts if you want to make a profit.

Buy and Sell : Which items to resell on Vinted?

The most crucial step in Buying and Selling on Vinted is to find profitable items that you can find for really cheap and then resell at a much higher price to make money. But how do you know which items are profitable and which will sell easily?

It's not always easy to figure out which items will make you the most money. But if you take the time to study the Vinted market a bit, researching which items and brands are the most sold according to the season, you'll quickly discover how to use this information to unearth golden opportunities.

Take the time to browse through all of Vinted's categories to find low-cost, high-quality brand-name items.

category purchase resale vinted

But to begin with, we recommend that you focus on accessories. Handbags are very practical because they are easy to find at low prices, as is jewelry.

In addition, these products are in high demand, so you can easily resell them at a profit.

We advise you to avoid shoes, because for a story of size, you could end up with a stock on your hands that you will not be able to resell.

You can also target your research on collectibles, you may be lucky enough to come across incredible offers that will allow you to make a big margin at the time of resale.

The Buy and Sell : Where to buy items for resale on Vinted?

Vinted is not the only place where you can buy used items for resale. And if you look in the right place, you'll see that it's not that hard to find good quality items at a good price for resale.

Here is a small list of websites where you can extend your research and find interesting offers:

For the most motivated among you, don't hesitate to go to places like Emmaus where you can also find real treasures that you can resell on Vinted.

What is Dropshipping on Vinted?

You may be wondering what Dropshipping is on Vinted or how to get started.
Dropshipping consists in offering in your Vinted dressing room items coming in reality from external suppliers offering very low prices, that you will resell at a higher price.

All you have to do is post images and information about items sold by other suppliers on your Vinted profile and, when a buyer places an order, go to the supplier's site to purchase the item and have it delivered to the address the buyer has indicated on Vinted.

Our tips for Dropshipping on Vinted

Getting into Dropshipping for the first time can be a bit scary if you have no idea how to go about it. That's why we offer you here some useful tips so that you can start without any stress:

  • Define which items you want to offer for sale in your Vinted dressing room. They have to be items that sell fairly easily and that you can make a profit with.
  • Choose your supplier carefully. It is really important to have an efficient and trusted supplier. We propose you a list of them in this article.
  • Make sure of the quality of the products you will resell. Don't buy anything just because it's cheap. Look at item ratings and comments from previous buyers before making your decision.
  • Calculate your profitt. There is no point in selling an item in Dropshipping if you don't earn any profit on the sale. So make your calculations before publishing your ads on Vinted and remember to include the shipping costs.
  • Check delivery times. Depending on the supplier, it can take a long time. Make sure that the delivery times are in line with those usually offered on Vinted.
  • Don't forget to tell the supplier not to send the invoice in the package. Obviously, the buyer should not suspect, when receiving his order, that his article comes from an external supplier, so it would be a real shame if he discovered the invoice in his package.

The best suppliers for Dropshipping on Vinted

As we have just explained, finding a good supplier is essential if you want to start Dropshipping on Vinted.

There are several providers widely used on the Internet for Dropshipping, known for their very competitive prices. Here is a small list of those we recommend:

  • Amazon Choosing this supplier has big advantages, but also big disadvantages. Amazon is clearly the best provider when it comes to delivery times. Their prices are also attractive. On the other hand, when using their site to resell products, take into account that Amazon packages tend to be delivered with the logo and the name of the brand on it. This can be problematic with your Vinted buyers.
  • Ebay Ebay : it is a very good supplier who offers items at very interesting prices, of good quality and whose delivery times are rather fast. The only disadvantage with Ebay is that there is not much stock or quantity of products.
  • AliExpress It is by far the most used supplier in Dropshipping. AliExpress has an incredible quantity of products at unbeatable prices. Its disadvantage? The quality of its items can leave something to be desired, so you have to be careful what you buy. In addition, their delivery times are known to be long. To counter this problem, don't worry, you can always filter AliExpress products to see only those sent from France or from your buyer's country on Vinted.

Are Buy and Sell and Dropshipping allowed on Vinted?

The answer to this question is yes, as far as Buy and Sell is concerned. There is nothing to prevent you from doing so in Vinted's sales policies and conditions, since once purchased, the item belongs to you and you are therefore free to do what you want with it.

As for Dropshipping, however, Vinted does not really endorse this practice, as you can imagine. As the platform offers to sell second-hand items, selling new items via external suppliers seems to go against its policies.

In Vinted's terms of sale, it is stated that the Seller "should not add items that are typically sold as low value dropshipping items."

dropshipping on vinted

If you still decide to try your luck, you should know that you risk having your Vinted account blocked. We therefore recommend that you be very careful, or, if necessary, accept the consequences of such practices.


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